Lettings Policy


The aims of Prestwich & North Western Housing Association is to improve housing conditions by providing homes for those whose needs are least satisfied by, and those least able, to compete in today’s housing market.

Having a waiting list for our properties means that we are normally unable to respond to requests for immediate accommodation.

The Association is unlikely to offer accommodation to anyone whom the Local Authority has a legal obligation to provide permanent housing.

As we are a very small housing Association and cannot help all applicants, the selection of applicants becomes a critical issue based on criteria.

The Association reserves the right to carry out checks with previous and current landlords for ALL applicants before an offer of a property is made.


The most important factors taken into account when considering applications are:

* Homelessness or potential homelessness.

* Poor conditions of present accommodation i.e. lack of basic facilities, lack of heating, bathroom/WC facilities/no hot water and lack of maintenance.

* The degree of overcrowding in your present accommodation.

* Ill health affected by current housing conditions.

* Financial difficulties – unable to secure housing in the private sector.

* Insecurity of tenure


When deciding whom should be offered a property, the Association must take into consideration the needs of its own Tenants who have requested a transfer, as well as those already on the waiting list.

The Association works closely with the Local Authority Housing Department. Every other let the Association has is offered to the Local Authority for them to nominate an applicant from their own waiting lists.

The turnover of vacancies for applicants is very small and timescales for our waiting lists cannot be guaranteed. This is due to the size of the Association, the number of Tenants who terminate their tenancies, and also to the size of our waiting lists.