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Tenants satisfaction survey 2006

The Association has recently carried out a satisfaction survey amongst the residents of Rectory Green and we received replies from just under 60% of the residents.

From the results we now know that we have at least 6 wheelchair users and that 105 tenants think that the rent represents very good or failry good value for money, a total of 92% of the replies received.

We also now know that over 99% of tenants are either very satisfied or fairly satisfied with our services and that over 98% are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with their accommodation.

Most people contact the office by visiting, with the phone being the second most used method of contact.

Over 90% of tenants were either very satisfied or failry satisfied with the way we deal with repairs and of those who answered the question 98% said that the contractor was polite and over 97% said that the contractor was tidy.

We will be using the results to assist in the future planning of the Association.

The following is a graphical summary of the key points from the survey.